NEW SPELL: Fury Whip

They may protest otherwise, but humans are still animals and no amount of learning or culture can fully exterminate the beast within. This spell reaches into the dark recesses of the human mind and awakens and amplifies that atavistic vestige.


For a number of rounds equal to the caster’s level, the subject enters a violent frenzy:

  • The subject is unable to carry out any actions other than melee attacks or moving into melee range to make an attack.
  • The subject deals double damage with melee attacks.
  • If the subject drops a target to 0 hit points with a melee attack, they can immediately make another melee attack or move within melee range of another target.

Miscast (1d12):

1 – The transformation is physical as well as mental – the subject’s Strength modifier increases by 1d4 and their Intelligence modifier decreases by 2d4. The subject’s appearance becomes coarser and more primitive. The subject must succeed a saving throw versus magic or the change is permanent.

2 – The subject’s frenzy is so intense that they feel no pain – hit point loss does not take effect until after the spell ends.

3 – The subject’s attacks are so reckless that they deal triple damage on a hit, but also suffer half as much damage themselves.

4 – The duration of the spell is doubled, but the subject drops dead from exhaustion when it ends.

5 – The subject cannot tell friend from foe; they will attack the nearest available target regardless of allegiance.

6 – When the spell ends, the subject becomes horrified by violence. For a number of days equal to the duration of the spell, the subject must make a saving throw versus paralyzation to make an attack.

7+ – Consult the standard miscast table.