NEW MONSTER: Messergeist


Medium Aberration

Armor Class 16 (gimp suit + high dex)
Hit Points 37 (5d8+15)
Initiative: +3
Speed 40 ft, ignores difficult terrain; Spiderclimb

Skills: Acrobatics +8, Athletics +8, Stealth +6, Perception +6

Senses: Blindsense, 60 ft.

Languages: Understands Common, but can’t speak

Special Features

Moving Target: The messergeist’s constantly swaying stance makes it especially difficult to hit.. Creatures attempting a ranged attack from more than 30 ft. away have disadvantage on the attack roll. If a creature fails any attack roll against the messergeist by 5 or more, apply the same result against another viable target adjacent to the messergeist.


The messergeist can make up to two limb-blade or impaling thrust attacks each round.

Limb-blade: melee attack +8 (1d8+3 slashing damage).

Slashing Skitter: As a full-round action, the messergeist moves its speed, making three limb-blade attacks at any point during the movement.

Impaling thrust: melee attack +10 (1d8 piercing damage and target is grappled).

Pin Down: As a bonus action, the messergeist can knock prone and immobilize a creature it has grappled with impaling thrust.

Living Shield: As a reaction, the messergeist can transfer the damage it suffers from one attack or single-target effect to a creature it has grappled with impaling thrust

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