Random Item Drop

An assortment of unusual items that first appeared on my tumblr



If this cold-iron dagger is stabbed into a surface upon which a living creature casts it shadow, that creature will be rooted to the spot from which it casts the shadow. It can take any action except leave its current location, even by magical means, until Soul Spike no longer pierces its shadow.

Additionally, the wielder of Soul Spike suffers no penalties when using it to attack spectral or incorporeal entities and any damage it inflicts cannot be regenerated while the being remains intangible.







A character making a successful history/lore/arcana/Intelligence check will know that after a practitioner of black magic was executed, iron nails were pounded into the sorcerer’s jaw to prevent the corpse from resurrecting.

When worn as a talisman, the jawbone provides the wearer with some protection against harmful magic. Each witch’s jawbone has 2d4+1 nails hammered into it. Whenever the wearer is targeted by a spell, the jawbone will absorb it instead. A number of nails equal to the level of spell absorbed with crumble to dust. Once all of the nails are gone, the jawbone is useless.

Should the wearer be targeted by a spell of a higher level than the number of nails in the jawbone, the jawbone is destroyed and the spell affects the wearer as normal.



A character making a successful history/lore/Intelligence check can identify when and where the coins were minted (for the sake of simplicity, you can assume that all the coins are of the same type).

This strange article of clothing provides the same protection as chain mail armor. Also, a wearer gains a +1 bonus to all saving throws and a +1 bonus to NPC reaction rolls.

A character could also pull coins off the shirt and try to spend them; because of their great age, the coins’ value will vary from place to place and person to person. An antique dealer in a cosmopolitan city might consider them priceless artifacts, but they might not be worth the metal their made from to the proprietor of some far-flung roadside inn.

There is a 1% cumulative chance per coin taken from the coat that all of the coins will fall off the backing and all the benefits the garment granted will be irreparably lost.


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