Internet Detritus Monstrous Compendium

A baker’s dozen of dungeon denizens inspired by some random bullshit that drifted across my dashboard.



  1. Killer Bee: aggressive eusocial insect (AC 12, 1/2 HD, sting +1 (1d2 damage + Con save or paralyzed for 1d4 rounds), can summon another 1d4+1 killer bees as back-up)
  2. Cave Slime: colonial mold organism (AC 11, 3 HD, pseudopod +3 (1d6 damage), releases clouds of spores when struck (all adjacent creatures Con save or confused))
  3. Jason: masked lunatic (AC 14, 1 HD, machete +4 (1d6+3 damage), immune to charm and fear; at 0 HP, unless body is completely destroyed, Jason will revive in 1d4-1 rounds; noiseless – has advantage on Stealth checks; mask is cursed – whoever puts it on begins losing 1d4 Wisdom per hour, wearer becomes Jason at 0 Wis, mask can only be removed with remove curse before wearer loses all Wisdom)
  4. Blood Ball: weird disembodied eye (AC 12, 1/2 HD, any creature that meets its gaze must make Wis save or be hypnotized for 1d6 rounds; at 0 HP it bursts in a spray of gore (everyone in 10 ft. radius must make Con save or their eyes will fall out and become blood balls in 1d6 hours))
  5. Rock Face: minor elemental spirit (AC 18, 1 HD, extend stalactite/stalagmite +1 (1d6 damage, 10 ft. range), resistant to non-magic weapons)
  6. Blue Killer: azure-shelled scorpion with a lethal sting (AC 14, 1/2 HD, pincers +1 (1d3 damage) or sting +1 (Con save or die)
  7. Zombie: reanimated shambler (AC 13, 1 HD, ragged claws or rotting teeth +1 (1d4 damage + Con save or contract random disease (incubation period 1d6 hours))
  8. Metal Shark: aquatic automaton (AC 16, 1 HD, basically immobile on land but can still bite (+1, 1d6 damage) anything in reach; worth 1d3x100 silver pieces in parts and materials)
  9. Shark Lizard: sightless carnivore uses hearing and scent to hunt (AC 14, 3 HD, bite +3 (1d8 damage); blood frenzy – when it, or target, has less than half hp, deals double damage)
  10. Small Dragon: miniature drake with disproportionately large ego (AC 16, 3 HD, claw or bite +3 (1d6 damage) or spit corrosive drool (30 ft. rng, 1d4 acid damage + 1d4 acid damage per round until neutralized); can fly clumsily)
  11. Ghost: otherworldly apparition (AC 13, 1 HD, immune to non-magical weapons, uses psychokinesis to throw objects (20 ft. rng, 1d4 damage); appearance causes fear (Wis save to resist, only needs to succeed once))
  12. Big Hose: oversized, armor-plated annelid (AC 18, 1 HD, bite +1 (1d4 damage, can lunge up to 10 ft.), can burrow through solid rock)
  13. Orc: brutish humanoid (AC 13, 3 HD, crude hand weapon +3 (1d6 damage), can attack twice in a round if it hasn’t moved)

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