(5E) MONASTIC TRADITION: The Way of Five Venoms


Level 3: Reptilian Grace
Whenever you use step of the wind, you can move across vertical surfaces as the spell
spider climb. You can also use step of the wind while prone.


Level 6: Iron Body
As a reaction to taking damage, you can expend 1 ki point to halve the damage taken.

Level 11: Fanged Fist
When you use stunning fist, the target is paralyzed instead of stunned. Whenever an enemy creature misses with a melee attack while you are using patient defense, they take damage equal to your unarmed strike


Level 17: Deadly Flurry
So long as you have at least 1 ki point, you lower the threshold for a critical hit with unarmed strikes against a single target by a value equal to the number of successful unarmed strikes you’ve already made against the target. This ability resets after you make a critical hit or strike a different target.


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