Esoteric Arsenal

Exotic, but not necessarily enchanted, weapons:

Black Talon
A short sword with a blade of alloy so dark it appears to absorb light. So long as it is held unsheathed, the wielder can see through smoke, fog, and other forms of cover or concealment.

Rib Scraper

A dagger with a handled of polished, blackened bone. Depending on the damage roll, this dagger inflicts additional effect against living creatures with discernible anatomies:

  1. Mortal Wound – the target will die in 1d4-1 rounds.
  2. Deep Gash – the target loses 1 hit point per round from heavy bleeding until the wound is healed.
  3. Severed Tendon – the target suffers Disadvantage on Strength or Dexterity based rolls (wielder’s choice) until wound is healed.
  4. Hit the Bone – the target is incapacitated with pain for one round.

Fist of Fury
A punch from the hand wearing this gauntlet hits with the force of a morningstar, and deals double damage to objects. The wearer suffers Disadvantage on skill and ability checks requiring manual dexterity.

The wielder of this battle axe can use their turn to flourish the weapon in such a way that wind whistles through blade, emitting an unnerving wail. All creatures that hear the sound must make a Morale check.

Celestial Hawk Wings
A matched set of longswords forged from meteoric iron that glows in dim light. With one of the blades in each hand, a wielder can leap, from standing, 30 feet straight up or 60 feet across. The wielder has Disadvantage on Stealth checks to hide in shadows or at night.

Ogre’s Tusk
A heavy, fuck-off-big two-handed sword with a grip made of woven human hair. Blows from the weapon can’t be parried and the blade can’t be sundered, but it takes a full action to unsheathe.

Wyrmfang Chain
A bracelet of intricately carved and cunningly articulated dragon-ivory links. It can be uncoiled and wielded as a whip. A wielder with a Dexterity less than 13 has Disadvantage on attack rolls with it.




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