Spellcasters who gaze into the wrack-glass find not only their bodies and minds transformed, but their magical aptitude as well.

Medium humanoid (human)

Hit Points: novice – 20 (3d6+9), initiate – 32 (5d6+15), master – 65 (10d6+30)
Armor Class: 15; master traumaturges also have resistance to nonmagical bludgeoning, piercing and slashing damage.
Speed: 30

Str 11 | Dex  15 | Con 17 | Int 16 | Wis 13 | Cha 6

Arcana +7, Insight +6, Medicine +7, Perception +6
Passive Perception 16

Pain to Some, Pleasure to Others (Recharge 5,6): As a reaction to taking damage, the traumaturge instead gains an equivalent amount of temporary hit points.

Mirror Madness: A traumaturge that sees their reflection must succeed a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw or become fascinated by it. While in this state, the traumaturge is stunned until they are attacked or they can no longer see their reflection.

Looks That Kill:  If a creature starts its turn within 20 feet of a traumaturge and the two of them can see each other, the traumaturge can force the creature to make a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw if the traumaturge isn’t incapacitated. On a failed save, the creature suffers 1d8 psychic damage (2d8 psychic damage for master traumaturges) and their speed drops to 0 until the start of the traumaturge’s next turn. 

Blood Magic: Traumaturges cast arcane magic with a caster level equal to their hit dice; they use their Intelligence as their spellcasting ability. To cast a spell, a traumaturge inflicts 1d4 points of damage to themselves per level of the spell.

Bleeding Edge (Master Traumaturges only): melee attack +8 (1d4+1 slashing damage and the next time they cast a spell, the traumaturge doesn’t have to sacrifice hit points. The level of the spell cast cannot exceed the damage inflicted with the attack.

Master traumaturges will be accompanied by 1d3+1 crooked killers and there’s a 1-in-10 chance of a messergeist as well.


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