“Bleeder,” Walter Oltmann

Floating silently, a vaguely humanoid network of blood vessels throbs in time to the pulsing organ at its center.

AC: 16, immune to bludgeoning damage, disease, and poison, and resistant to piercing damage
HP: 21 (6d6); saves as a magic-user
Movement: fly 60 ft.; a vascular wraith can squeeze through spaces as small as 1 square foot
Morale: High
Attack: can make 2 unarmed strikes, melee +6 (10 ft reach; 1d4 damage and the wraith regains an equal amount of HP)


  • Arterial Spray: Whenever a vascular wraith takes slashing damage, all creatures adjacent to it must succeed a Dexterity saving throw or be drenched in blood and suffer Disadvantage on all attack rolls, ability rolls, and skill checks for 1 round.
  • Exsanguinating Embrace: Instead of attacking, a vascular wraith can attempt to attach itself to an adjacent, living creature. The target must succeed an opposed Dexterity check or become enveloped by the wraith. While embracing a creature, the wraith drains 1d6 Constitution each round on its turn, but can take no other actions. The victim can move at half speed, has Disadvantage on all rolls, and deals half damage with their attacks. A successful opposed Strength check will remove the wraith, as will dropping it to 0 HP.
  • Grisly Sight: A character seeing a vascular wraith for the first time must succeed a Wisdom saving throw or be unable to act for 1 round.
  • Heart of the Matter: The still-beating heart of a vascular wraith is its weak point. Dealing damage equivalent to a quarter of the wraith’s total HP directly to the heart will instantly destroy the creature.

The origins of these gruesome entities are unknown. Most hypotheses tie them to vampires – that perhaps they are the vengeful shades of person killed by a vampire, or the ghost of a vampire itself. Another, more esoteric explanation is that they are some kind of ‘blood elemental.’



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