NEW SPELL: Mantle of Slates

Druid / Wizard (Conjuration)

Dinner plate-sized slabs of stone emblazoned with glowing symbols rise out of the ground and begin orbiting around you. You summon three slates plus an additional one for every four caster levels you possess.

While the spell is in effect, you gain a bonus to your Armor Class equal to the number of slates currently surrounding you.

As a ranged attack, you fling any or all of the slates at one or more targets you can see within 60 feet. A single slate can only strike one target, inflicts 1d6 bludgeoning damage on a hit, and is considered a magical weapon for the purposes of damage reduction. Once used as a projectile, the slate is destroyed.

Mantle of Slates lasts for three rounds plus one round per caster level, or until all the slates are gone.