NEW MONSTER: Scrapeworm

No. Appearing: 1d4
Armor Class: Light (slimy hide + low Dexterity); scrapeworms take half damage from bludgeoning weapons.
Hit Dice: 12d12 (78 hp), saves as a fighter
Movement: Half as fast as a normal human; scrapeworms can burrow through earth at their normal speed.
Morale: High
Attack: Lumpen fist +6 (1d6 damage) or Tentacle +6 (1d4 damage+grab attempt, 10 feet reach)
Discorporation: A scrapeworm can separate its body into a swarm of wriggling filaments, one for each hit point it currently has. In this state, a scrapeworm can squirm through any sized opening and burrow through dirt, mud, and soft earth at double its normal speed. It takes one action to discorporate but a full round to reform.
Engulf: Scrapeworms feed by partially discorporating and enveloping the intended prey. The target of this attack must succeed a Dexterity saving throw or be immobilized inside the scrapeworm. Every subsequent round, the target takes 1d10 damage as the scrapeworm begins digesting them.
Not of this World: When a scrapeworm is reduced to 0 hit points, it rapidly decomposes into corrosive slime and noxious vapors filling a 10-foot cube. Creatures within the area of effect at the start of their turn must succeed a Constitution saving throw or suffer 1d10 damage and Disadvantage on rolls. The poison will dissipate naturally after one minute; a strong breeze will instantly disperse the fumes.


All sorts of danger lurk just beyond the reach of the explorer’s light, simultaneously attracted by the novelty and repelled by the brightness.

Number of Hit Dice: 1 – 10 (die type base on size), saves as a thief
Armor Class: Medium
Movement: Double normal human
Morale: Human-sized creatures have average moral; larger creatures will have higher morale and smaller creatures have lower morale.
Attack: unarmed strike (damage based on size)
Heightened Senses – The creature is completely unhindered by darkness or lightless conditions and is immune to blindness.

Aspect (roll 1d12, 1d3 times)
1 – Bloodthirsty: Has advantage on attack rolls against creatures that have less than half their maximum hit points.
2 – Creepy: Can move up, down, or across walls and ceilings at their normal speed.
3 – Deceptive: When the creature is motionless, it bestows disadvantage on perception checks to spot it.
4 – Eerie: Can imitate voices at will.
5 – Ferocious: In any round the creature doesn’t move, it can make an additional attack.
6 – Gangrel: Can squeeze through spaces as if they were a size category smaller and has advantage on rolls to escape from grapples.
7 – Horrifying: Can frighten a creature into unconscious (if the target succeeds a Wisdom saving throw, they are merely stunned for one round instead; a creature can only be affected by this ability once per 24 hours).
8 – Infected: The creature is host to a virulent disease; any living creature that touches or is touched by it must succeed a Constitution saving throw or… 1. …contract an agonizing wasting disease, 2. …contract a highly contagious hemorrhagic fever, 3. …fall into a coma, 4. …gradually transform into the same kind of creature that gave them the disease.
9 – Slavering: Constantly drips viscous saliva; gains a secondary attack to fling a gob of sticky drool to range of 30 feet. The liquid… 1. …burns like acid, 2. …sickens like poison, 3. …hardens into a sticky crust, 4. …induces powerful hallucinations.
10 – Tricksy: Has advantage on disable device and sleight of hand checks.
11 – Umbral: Light sources within a 10-foot radius of the creatures get dimmer by one step (bright > dim > dark).
12 – Winged: Creature can fly at half its normal movement rate.

Origin (1d6)
1 – Bestial Prodigy: A monster to be sure, but one that conforms to known principles of nature. When reduced to less than half its total hit points, the creature’s damage increases by one die size.
2 – Cthonic Incursion: An invader from a lightless, subterranean realm. The creature can burrow through the earth at half its normal movement rate.
3 – Cursed Mortal: An unfortunate soul struck down by an eldritch malady. At 0 hit points, the creature only appears to die and will revive in 24 hours.
4 – Spectral Manifestation: A visitor from a shadowy parallel dimension. As a reaction to being struck by a physical attack, the creature can turn intangible and negate any damage inflicted. After using this ability, it has a 1-in-6 chance of recharging each round.
5 – Twisted Fey: Fair folk turned foul. Non-magical attacks with weapons or objects not made of iron only deal half damage.
6 – Unidentifiable Abomination: “What the hell is that?!” Foes seeing the creature for the first time must succeed an Intelligence saving throw or be stunned for one round.

Size (2d6)
2-3 – Much smaller than a human (d4 hit die, 1d3 damage)
4-6 – Smaller than a human (d6 hit die, 1d4 damage)
7 – Human size (d8 hit die, 1d6 damage)
8-10 – Larger than a human (d10 hit die, 1d8 damage)
11-12 – Much larger than a human (d12 hit die, 1d10 damage)

Bright light… (1d6)
1 – …kills them (save or die)
2 – …harms them (1d6 damage per round)
3 – …scares them (save or flee)
4 – …impairs them (disadvantage on attacks, ability and skill rolls)
5 – …weakens them (deals half damage, moves at half speed)
6 – …enrages them (will attack light source first)