NEW SPELL: Abominate

image by Asher 阿舍阿舍

Warlock/Witch/Wizard (Transmutation)

Possibly created by traumaturges, abominate twists a creature into a hideous parody of its normal form.

The spellcaster can target an amount of hit dice worth of living creatures equal to their caster level that the caster can see. Unwilling targets can resist the spell with a successful Wisdom saving throw.

On a failed save, a target’s body contorts and mutates, dropping any items they are carrying. While in this form they have an effective Strength score of 18, but their Charisma score drops to 3 and their Intelligence and Wisdom scores are halved. As long as the spell persists, a target takes -2 penalty to their Armor Class and can only make unarmed attacks, but they inflict 1d8 damage per hit.

At the start of their turn, a target must succeed a Wisdom saving throw to retain control of their actions. On a failed save, they attack the nearest creature; if none are in reach, they move as far as possible in a random direction. While affected by the spell, a target is unable to cast spells or use special abilities.

Abominate lasts for a number of minutes equal to the caster’s level. This spell can be made permanent.

Internet Detritus Monstrous Compendium Supplement 4: POISON GIANT

Huge giant
AC: 15
HP: 90 + 10d10; saves as a 10th level fighter
Movement: As a normal, unencumbered human.
Attack: Punch, kick, or stomp +10 melee (10 foot reach, 1d10 damage and target must make Strength saving throw or be thrown 5 feet per point of damage rolled and knocked prone).
* Miasma: The very presence of a poison giant befouls the air, land, and water around it. Food and drink within 60 feet of the creature spoils.
* Noxious Grasp: The poison giant can flood a living creature it touches with its toxic essence. The target must succeed a Constitution saving throw or become poisoned, suffering 1d12 damage and Disadvantage on all attack and skill rolls. At the start of each round, the target can attempt another Constitution saving throw.
* Pest Lance: There’s a 1-in-10 chance a poison giant carries a gnarled staff of greasy, green-black wood. A poison giant can use the pest lance to cast any of one of the following spells as a 10th-level magic-user: acid arrow, cloudkill, envenom, neutralize poison, or stinking cloud

Poison giants are malevolent entities that revel in spreading corruption and suffering across the land.