NEW SPELL: Ephemeral Arrow

Warlock/Wizard/Sorcerer (Illusion)

The caster draws back the string of bow and an arrow fades into existence in their hand, nocked and ready to fire. 

An ephemeral arrow seems to unfailingly hit its target, ignoring armor and shields. The target of the missile must make a Wisdom saving throw; if they fail, they believe they have been struck by an arrow and take damage equivalent to the type of bow used to fire the arrow.

With a single casting, a magic-user can fire a number of ephemeral arrows equal to their caster level. If the caster drops the bow, the spell immediately ends and no more arrows can be fired.

One Line Wonders

As a challenge to myself, I tried to come up with one sentence descriptions of extraordinary items. I tried to be as system neutral as possible, but a lot of them assume your basic six stat, d20 based game.

1 – Aetheric Arquebus: Spontaneously generates crystalline ammunition that can harm intangible foes but dematerializes on a misfire.
2 – Amok Mitts: Heavy leather gauntlets double the number of attacks made per round, but the wearer must succeed a Wisdom saving throw to disengage from combat.
3 – Blue Pepper Powder: When snorted, allows user to see magical auras for one hour, but must succeed a Constitution check every minute to avoid sneezing fit.
4 – Bone of Detention: When snapped in half, it will summon a cage of bones around wherever the broken ends fall.
5 – Celestial Visa: Golden plaque engraved in Enochian permits the bearer entry into the afterlife.
6 – Coat of Arms: Stylish embroidered smoking jacket that can conceal up to four weapons, one up each sleeve and one in each inner breast pocket.
7 – Dire Cleaver: Massive two-handed sword deals double damage but drains one hit die worth of life from the wielder with each attack, hit or miss.
8 – Drakeplate Collar: Brass gorget allows wearer to safely imbibe a flask of oil, then expel a 15-foot gout of flame.
9 – Embargo Charm: Whoever wears this pendant cannot say the words inscribed on its back.
10 – Embercaster: Any non-magical bolt loaded into this crossbow lights on fire when shot.
11 – Eudaimonic Drinking Horn: This container removes any poison or contamination from a liquid poured into it.
12 – Eye of Avarice: Green-tinted jeweler’s loupe identifies the approximate monetary value of whatever object it is used to examine.
13 – Fiendtallow Candle: Sinister green flame absorbs light and can only be extinguished with holy water.
14 – Gravespike: A long iron nail that prevents whatever corpse it’s piercing from being reanimated or resurrected. 
15 – Harlequin Robe: Patchwork dressing gown that can transform into any other garment or outfit the wearer can describe. 
16 – Heavyweight Belt: Increases the wearer’s weight tenfold without affecting their mass.
17 – Keratinous Cuirass: Medium armor symbiotically bonds with wearer, reducing maximum life by 10% but heals 1d4 points of damage every round.
18 – Lunaberry Jam: Eating a spoonful grants the power of levitation, but overcomsumption makes a person’s skin glow in the dark.
19 – Meta-gnosis Cap: Allows a non-magic-user to cast spells by burning points of Charisma, Intelligence, or Wisdom.
20 – Mossback Mantle: Cloak of living plants makes the wearer almost invisible when hiding in vegetation.
21 – Poor Yorick: Floating skull dispenses dubious advice, sarcastic quips, and the occasional bite.
22 – Prismatic Rapier: A wielder with above-average Dexterity can parry and deflect ranged energy attacks.
23 – Sanguine Shroud: The wearer can transform into a cloud of crimson mist for up to one minute before requiring a Wisdom saving throw every consecutive round afterwards to avoid permanent dissolution.
24 – Scatterstar: Five-pointed throwing iron that splits into five independently aimed darts.
25 – Scholar’s Little Helper: Injectable serum that increases Intelligence by 50% for 8 hours, after which it is reduced to 50% of normal and slowly returns over the next 24 hours.
26 – Spatial Clamp: When activated, prohibits teleportation and dimension-warping effects in a 60-foot radius sphere for 1d4 minutes.
27 – Supernumeratrix: Clockwork pixie that can perform astoundingly complex calculations.
28 – Telluric Ring: While standing on earth, soil, or stone, the wearer gains Advantage on all Strength-based skill and ability checks.
29 – Terminal Rebuke: Upon the death of the wearer, this amulet explodes, dealing damage equal to the wearer’s hit dice.
30 – Torchblade: Longsword forged from an exotic alloy that emits heatless light as bright as a torch when unsheathed.


Magic-users who don’t know, or more likely don’t care, about properly disposing the by-products of their experiments run the risk of spawning gristle-bairns. They arise out of a morass of arcane effluvia and mundane refuse – lumpen, ill-formed miscreants about the size of a human toddler.

No. Appearing: 3d4+1
Armor Class: Light (small size + irregular hide); non-magical physical attacks deal 1 less damage
Hit Points: 2d3; a targeted dispel magic spell will instantly kill a gristle-bairn
Movement: Half normal human speed
Morale: Average
Attack: Ragged teeth and filthy nails +1 (1d4 damage and target must succeed a Constitution saving throw or contract a random disease)
Graceless: Gristle-bairns are particularly uncouth and disorganized creatures. They have disadvantage on Dexterity saving throws, but gain advantage on any saving throw to resist mind- or attitude-affecting spells or abilities.