One Line Wonders

As a challenge to myself, I tried to come up with one sentence descriptions of extraordinary items. I tried to be as system neutral as possible, but a lot of them assume your basic six stat, d20 based game.

1 – Aetheric Arquebus: Spontaneously generates crystalline ammunition that can harm intangible foes but dematerializes on a misfire.
2 – Amok Mitts: Heavy leather gauntlets double the number of attacks made per round, but the wearer must succeed a Wisdom saving throw to disengage from combat.
3 – Blue Pepper Powder: When snorted, allows user to see magical auras for one hour, but must succeed a Constitution check every minute to avoid sneezing fit.
4 – Bone of Detention: When snapped in half, it will summon a cage of bones around wherever the broken ends fall.
5 – Celestial Visa: Golden plaque engraved in Enochian permits the bearer entry into the afterlife.
6 – Coat of Arms: Stylish embroidered smoking jacket that can conceal up to four weapons, one up each sleeve and one in each inner breast pocket.
7 – Dire Cleaver: Massive two-handed sword deals double damage but drains one hit die worth of life from the wielder with each attack, hit or miss.
8 – Drakeplate Collar: Brass gorget allows wearer to safely imbibe a flask of oil, then expel a 15-foot gout of flame.
9 – Embargo Charm: Whoever wears this pendant cannot say the words inscribed on its back.
10 – Embercaster: Any non-magical bolt loaded into this crossbow lights on fire when shot.
11 – Eudaimonic Drinking Horn: This container removes any poison or contamination from a liquid poured into it.
12 – Eye of Avarice: Green-tinted jeweler’s loupe identifies the approximate monetary value of whatever object it is used to examine.
13 – Fiendtallow Candle: Sinister green flame absorbs light and can only be extinguished with holy water.
14 – Gravespike: A long iron nail that prevents whatever corpse it’s piercing from being reanimated or resurrected. 
15 – Harlequin Robe: Patchwork dressing gown that can transform into any other garment or outfit the wearer can describe. 
16 – Heavyweight Belt: Increases the wearer’s weight tenfold without affecting their mass.
17 – Keratinous Cuirass: Medium armor symbiotically bonds with wearer, reducing maximum life by 10% but heals 1d4 points of damage every round.
18 – Lunaberry Jam: Eating a spoonful grants the power of levitation, but overcomsumption makes a person’s skin glow in the dark.
19 – Meta-gnosis Cap: Allows a non-magic-user to cast spells by burning points of Charisma, Intelligence, or Wisdom.
20 – Mossback Mantle: Cloak of living plants makes the wearer almost invisible when hiding in vegetation.
21 – Poor Yorick: Floating skull dispenses dubious advice, sarcastic quips, and the occasional bite.
22 – Prismatic Rapier: A wielder with above-average Dexterity can parry and deflect ranged energy attacks.
23 – Sanguine Shroud: The wearer can transform into a cloud of crimson mist for up to one minute before requiring a Wisdom saving throw every consecutive round afterwards to avoid permanent dissolution.
24 – Scatterstar: Five-pointed throwing iron that splits into five independently aimed darts.
25 – Scholar’s Little Helper: Injectable serum that increases Intelligence by 50% for 8 hours, after which it is reduced to 50% of normal and slowly returns over the next 24 hours.
26 – Spatial Clamp: When activated, prohibits teleportation and dimension-warping effects in a 60-foot radius sphere for 1d4 minutes.
27 – Supernumeratrix: Clockwork pixie that can perform astoundingly complex calculations.
28 – Telluric Ring: While standing on earth, soil, or stone, the wearer gains Advantage on all Strength-based skill and ability checks.
29 – Terminal Rebuke: Upon the death of the wearer, this amulet explodes, dealing damage equal to the wearer’s hit dice.
30 – Torchblade: Longsword forged from an exotic alloy that emits heatless light as bright as a torch when unsheathed.

2 thoughts on “One Line Wonders

  1. Nice post. Enjoyed reading the list, and there are some stimulating ideas I wouldn’t mind using. I particularly like the Bobe of Detention, the Fiendtallow Candle, and the Gravespike for the game I am currently running. Thanks for ideas! Peace.


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