SOUND AND FURY (New Monsters)

A lanky, simian creature tufted with long quills. Troops of mocking beasts are typically found in grasslands and prairies, where their spiky coats helped them hide among the stalks of tall grass.

No. Appearing: 4d4
Hit Dice: 4d6
Movement: Equivalent to a normal human. Mocking beasts are unhindered by difficult terrain caused by tall grasses and brush.
Armor Class: Low (Matted hair + average Dexterity)
Attack: Raking claws (1d6 damage)
Morale: Average

  • Mimicry: Mocking beasts get their name from their uncanny ability to replicate sounds they hear, including speech.
  • Quills: A mocking beast can use their action to pluck out and hurl one of their long spine-like hairs. This attack has a range of 30 feet and deals 1d8 damage on a hit. Until it is removed, a creature struck with a quill cannot move at more than half its normal speed or it suffers another 1d8 damage as the spine digs in deeper.

Wulkurë are gaunt, avian creatures that haunt graveyards and battlefields, anywhere there is large number of the dead and dying. Folklore holds that just seeing a wulkurë is an ill omen.

No. Appearing: 1d6+2; there’s a 1-in-6 chance of 1d4 zombies accompanying them
Hit Dice: 7d6
Movement: Normal human speed. Wulkurë can also fly at twice normal human speed.
Armor Class: Medium (Tattered rags + very high Dexterity)
Attack: Slashing talons (1d4) or by weapon.
Morale: High

  • Chooser of the Slain: Whenever a creature under the effect of a wulkurë’s dreadful screech curse dies, the wulkurë can use its reaction to raise the creature as a zombie under its control.
  • Dreadful Screech: As its action, a wulkurë can unleash a horrifying shriek. Living creatures in a 30 foot radius must make Constitution and Wisdom saving throws. A creature that fails the Constitution save is incapacitated with pain for 1d10 rounds and deafened for 1d10 minutes. A creature that fails the Wisdom saving throw is cursed – they become unable to heal by any means until the wulkurë that cursed them dies or remove curse is cast upon them.