And I’m back with another exercise in brevity, this time coming up with thirty one-sentence NPCs. Hopefully there’s enough meat on those bones to make a meaningful encounter or maybe even a little bit of an adventure.

Roll 1d30:
1 – Algramay Salbator: An exiled noble impatient to meet with sympathizers from home.

2 – Bardolph Nims: A slovenly religious fanatic feuding with a local woodsman with odd headwear.

3 – Carlene Floggerty: A cynical pre-pubescent street urchin with an unsettlingly hard stare.

4 – Cotterjon Sweek: A hirsute boatman heartsick over a failed romantic relationship.

5 – Duffy Olan-Pey: A hare-lipped nightwatchman with a beautiful singing voice.

6 – Eritska Burvic: The talk-of-the-town poet troubled by writer’s block and disturbing dreams.

7 – Farlowe Shoom: A hapless vagabond who witnessed something unspeakably vile.

8 – Grippa Magnanni: An anxious young diplomat procrastinating instead of delivering bad news from their homeland.

9 – Hafouz Gul Afkar: A pious merchant being blackmailed into smuggling contraband into the city.

10 – Hasmodel & Hasmodai: Identical twin stage-magicians who are actually warlocks.

11 – Heinruth Carvold: The aging figurehead of an occultist cabal who staves off his ennui with food and drugs.

12 – Imbric Von Füst: A morose military academy dropout eager to redeem himself in the eyes of his family.

13 – Jaconda Ingermar: A fast-talking journalist-turned-agitator with a strikingly white stripe in her glossy black hair.

14 – Keatley Ransford: An excitable naturalist who’s faith in reason has been recently tested by an encounter with the paranormal.

15 – Kinlon Flanneur: A disgraced wilderness explorer who is adamant about what they saw in the mountains on their last expedition.

16 – Lainie de la Coás: A curious and athletic young mystic who only refers to herself in the third-person.

17 – Mortris Grimmelheld: A twitchy, shabbily-dressed soothsayer with a sophisticated demeanor.

18 – Nisbin Ostlewaithe: A junior bureaucrat trying to hide the otherworldly parts of their heritage slowly asserting themselves.

19 – Odric Dorn: A sharp-eared poacher in a ridiculous hat who has attracted the ire of a local street preacher.

20 – Penza Crickshed: An ambitious occult scholar throwing herself into her work to distract from a bad break-up.

21 – Rewse Mandelbone: A dedicated and reserved factotum puzzled as to why his employer just fired him.

22 – Semoon Semay: A burly bartender missing his left ear, left eye, and left nostril.

23 – Snella Foulkes: A clever, but somewhat addled scout who talks to a shrunken head tied to her belt.

24 – Tarson Nimas: A tragically hip art student desperate to pay off an astronomically high bar tab.

25 – Terley Rhosbarton: A teenage delinquent afraid of their burgeoning powers as a spirit medium.

26 – Ulun Bast: A lithe and long-limbed mercenary who spends all her money on gawdy clothing.

27 – Visatha Pasheman: An erudite travel writer who hates this place but needs the money from this assignment.

28 – Waldis Ketsky: A babyfaced sharpshooter on the run after deserting from their army regiment.

29 – Yornold Coggsfoot: A baker trying to convince his father to stand up to the criminals extorting protection money from their business.

30 – Zaul Orvine: A soft-spoken laborer who is also a ruthless bare-knuckle boxer.