Photo by VelociJACKtor

Skunder is the tall one; they never speak, except in whispers only audible to Melda Maz. In fact, Skunder hardly makes any sound at all, unless they want to, and they can make those sounds (footsteps, the rustle of clothing, breathing) emanate from anywhere within 60 feet of where they actually are. They have an uncanny ability to find and disable traps and open locks. 

Melda Maz is incredibly strong despite their short stature, capable of extraordinary feats of athleticism. They speak with a gravelly voice and an affable, if slightly menacing, aspect. There’s a 50/50 chance Maz is fluent any language they hear. Maz has keen senses and is an expert at identifying and appraising items. They will instantly know if they are being targeted by any sort of telepathic or mind-affecting spell or effect and who is targeting them.

If violence is unavoidable, Maz is a dangerous oppoent with the black-bladed knife they’ll draw from the folds of their cloak. Skunder will somehow pull an ebony-hafted, black-tipped spear out of theirs. If either is disarmed, the weapon will vanish into black smoke and a new one will appear in their hand on their next turn.

Neither Skunder or Melda Maz appear to be affected by extreme heat or cold. They each seem to intuitively know where the other is and what they are planning to do. If you lose sight or take your eyes off either of them, they can vanish and reappear somewhere else you weren’t looking.

SKUNDER medium humanoid | HD: 8, saves as a thief | AC: High (supernatural dexterity) | Movement: twice as fast as a normal human | Attack: spear +3 (1d6 damage and target must succeed a Charisma saving throw or become mute for a number of rounds equal to the damage rolled)

MELDA MAZ small humanoid | HD: 8, saves as a fighter | AC: Medium (above average dexterity + small stature) | Movement: as a normal human | Attack: knife +6 (1d6 damage and target must succeed a Constitution saving throw or one limb becomes numb and useless for a number of rounds equal to the damage rolled)

Who are these weirdos? I dunno, I just saw this photo and got inspired. Maybe they’re after the same MacGuffin your PCs are searching for. Maybe they have a lucrative, if dangerous, job to offer. Maybe they’re just vibing.