Random Encounter: Itinerant Berserker

Clad in black, faces painted in stark white, itinerant berserkers resemble the wraiths of long dead warriors. Cultists of the War-Father, they roam across the land following the whims of their brutal patron.

Hit Dice: 3 to 9 (13 to 40 hit points), saves as a fighter. Itinerant berserkers have Advantage on saving throws to resist spells and effects that cause instant death.
Armor: Low (Light armor + average Dexterity)
Movement: As a normal human.
Demeanor: Roll 2d6

2-3Raving – Plagued by vivid hallucinations.
4-5Fractious – Willing to fight over the slightest provocation.
6-8Smug – Believes their fighting prowess is without equal.
9-10Grieving – Performing funeral rites for a fallen comrade.
11-12Pensive – Mulling over a cryptic message from the War-Father.

Attack: Heavy melee weapon (1d10); an itinerant berserker gains an extra melee attack for ever 4 hit dice they possess.

  • Devotee of the War-Father: As a free action, the berserker can enter a state of ecstatic frenzy, gaining the the following benefits: double movement speed, resistance to non-magical damage, and immunity to fear. The frenzy lasts for a number of rounds equal to the berserker’s hit dice. When the duration ends, the berserker is spent physically and emotionally, suffering Disadvantage on all rolls for twice the number of rounds the frenzy lasted.
  • Bang Heads: After performing a melee attack (hit or miss), the berserker can use a bonus action to head butt a creature within melee range. On a hit, the strike deals 1d4 damage and the target suffers Disadvantage on all rolls until the start of the berserker’s next turn.
  • Battle-Madness: This ability can only be used by a berserker with 5 or more hit dice. As their action, the berserker can induce a state of violent rage in a number of intelligent creatures that they can see equal to their hit dice. A creature that fails a Wisdom saving throw begins frothing at the mouth, incapable of any actions other than melee attacks or moving into melee attack range. This condition lasts for 1 minute or until the berserker who caused it is killed.
  • Murder of Crows: This ability is only available to a berserker with 7 or more hit dice. The berserker is accompanied by a flock of carrion crows that alert the berserker to approaching foes, rendering them immune to ambushes (always acts during surprise rounds). In combat, the crows fight as a single creature with half the hit dice of the berserker that deals 1d6 damage in melee.

I Search the Body: Roll 1d10

1-51d4 silver coins per hit die
61d4+1 applications of white and black face-paint
7Iron and silver icon of the War-Father; a secret compartment holds 1d6 doses of a hallucinogenic drug
8Leather pouch of divinatory runes
9Riveted black leather armor (1-in-10 chance of actually being a havoc jack)
10An exotic weapon (1-in-100 chance of a piece of the Regalia of the War-Father)