image by Ariel Perez

The physical manifestations of unresolved grudges, grievelings are psychic vampires that feed on resentment and strife. They can often be found in areas of civil discontent, prolonging conflicts to provide a steady supply of sustenance.

Medium Humanoid
No. Appearing: 2d3
Hit Dice: 5d6 (17 hp); saves as a fighter
Armor Class: equivalent to Medium/Chain
Movement: as a normal human
Attack: 2 unarmed strikes +7 (1d6 damage; if both attacks hit the same target, the grieveling grapples the target) or 1 bite +5 (1d4 damage + 1 point of Wisdom damage); grievelings have Disadvantage on attack rolls against any creature that has not performed an aggressive or violent act in its presence.

  • Gorge: As its action, a grieveling makes two bite attacks against a creature it has grappled and regains an amount of hit points equal to the damage it inflicts on the target.
  • Sow Discord: As its action, a grieveling can evoke hostility in an intelligent creature it can see within 30 feet. If the target of this ability fails a Wisdom saving throw, it becomes overwhelmed with feelings of antagonism towards others. An affected creature can attempt a new saving throw at the start of each new turn. The effect also ends when the grieveling is slain.
  • Too Mean to Die: When a grieveling is dropped to 0 hp, if it succeeds a saving throw it will return to life on its next turn with half its total hit points. The revived grieveling gains advantage on the next attack it makes against the creature that last inflicted damage to it.

I Search the Body:
Grievelings don’t care about material possessions, but their hearts petrify into solid onyx upon dying (worth 1d6x100 gp if successfully extracted).

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