Photograph by Jim Lyngvild

A quick way to answer PCs when they roll into town and ask to speak to the manager.

TITLE (roll d8):
1. Burgomaster
2. Chief
3. Elder
4. Father/Mother
5. Hetman
6. Mayor
7. Sheriff
8. Speaker

1. Book of Laws
2. Ceremonial Sword
3. Distinctive Face paint
4. Elaborate Headgear
5. Heavy Necklace
6. Ornate Rod
7. Oversized Chair
8. Signet Ring

HOW’D THEY GET THE JOB? (roll d8):
1. They’re the richest person in town; they bribed their way to the top.
2. They were thrust into the position after the previous officeholder died recently.
3. Their election was rigged (without their knowledge) by some secret group within the community.
4. They straight up killed the previous office holder.
5. They were chosen through some religious or mystical ritual.
6. They inherited the title from their parent.
7. They won the election fair and square.
8. They won the title in a contest (wrestling tournament, foot-race, pie-eating; the more absurd, the better).

1. Hopelessly indecisive; relies on much more competent underlings for answers and ideas.
2. Grossly corrupt; will take a bribe from pretty much anyone who offers.
3. A petty tyrant; their crew of flunkies bully and intimidate the community into compliance.
4. Intensely superstitious; they constantly consult auguries and divinations to guide their decision making.
5. A fairly decent administrator, but they have terrible social skills.
6. In way over their head; they pursued the position as a lark never expecting to get it.
7. A highly motivated reformer frequently frustrated by underlings devoted to the status quo.
8. Actually dead; a very nervous aide is making all the decisions while keeping the death a secret.