A primal path for barbarians

Starting at 3rd level, when you rage, you can still use two-weapon fighting even if one of the weapons you hold is not a light weapon (but both weapons must still be one-handed). Also, while raging and wielding a melee weapon in each hand, any creature that ends its turn within your reach takes damage equal to your barbarian rage damage bonus.

This ability only functions as long as you’re not wearing heavy armor.

At 6th level, when you are struck with a melee attack and you are wielding a melee weapon in each hand, you can use your reaction to make an attack roll and use the result in place of your Armor Class.

If you roll a natural 20, you can choose to disarm the attacking creature (if applicable), redirect the attack to another target within the attacking creature’s reach, or have the attacking creature grant Advantage to the next creature that attacks it.

At 10th level, when you use your reckless attack feature while wielding a melee weapon in each hand, you deal damage from both weapons on a hit.

When you reach 14th level, you learn how to channel your rage into devastating spinning attack.

While raging and wielding a melee weapon in each hand, you choose to end your rage and make a single attack roll with Advantage. If the roll would overcome the AC of any creature within your reach, they take damage from both of your weapons. Additionally, if they are your size or smaller, they are also pushed back 5 feet and knocked prone.

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