A primal path for barbarians

Starting at 3rd level, when you rage, you can still use two-weapon fighting even if one of the weapons you hold is not a light weapon (but both weapons must still be one-handed). Also, while raging and wielding a melee weapon in each hand, any creature that ends its turn within your reach takes damage equal to your barbarian rage damage bonus.

This ability only functions as long as you’re not wearing heavy armor.

At 6th level, when you are struck with a melee attack and you are wielding a melee weapon in each hand, you can use your reaction to make an attack roll and use the result in place of your Armor Class.

If you roll a natural 20, you can choose to disarm the attacking creature (if applicable), redirect the attack to another target within the attacking creature’s reach, or have the attacking creature grant Advantage to the next creature that attacks it.

At 10th level, when you use your reckless attack feature while wielding a melee weapon in each hand, you deal damage from both weapons on a hit.

When you reach 14th level, you learn how to channel your rage into devastating spinning attack.

While raging and wielding a melee weapon in each hand, you choose to end your rage and make a single attack roll with Advantage. If the roll would overcome the AC of any creature within your reach, they take damage from both of your weapons. Additionally, if they are your size or smaller, they are also pushed back 5 feet and knocked prone.


A primal path for barbarians.

Starting at 3rd level, whenever you make a melee attack that drops a creature to 0 HP, you gain temporary hit points equal to your Constitution modifier; while you are raging, the temporary hit points you gain are equal to your Constitution modifier plus your rage damage bonus.

If you have any temporary hit points at the start of your turn, you can expend them to gain a bonus to the damage roll of your next melee attack.

At 6th level, whenever you make an attack roll with Advantage and both results would hit, the target of the attack must succeed a Strength saving throw (DC = 8+the damage roll) or be knocked prone or moved 5 feet in the direction of your choice.

At 10th level, when you roll damage for a critical hit on a melee attack, add another die of damage for every die that rolls a maximum result.

When you reach 14th level, you can use your reaction to re-roll a failed saving throw with bonus equal to your Proficiency bonus. After using this ability, you must complete a short or long rest before you can use it again.

Primal Path (5E): Doomrider


Ride as One
At 3rd level, a doomrider forms a preternatural bond with the creature they ride. The mount can comprehend (but not speak) one of the languages the doomrider knows. The doomrider gains advantage on all Handle Animal checks related to their mount.

Furious Charge
When a 3rd-level doomrider uses the reckless attack ability, they can use a bonus action to move up to their speed before the attack. The doomrider must be mounted to use this ability.

Thundering Hooves
Starting at 6th level, when a doomrider is raging, their mount also gains the bonus to melee damage as shown in the “Rage Damage” column of the Barbarian table.

Rough and Ready
For a 10th-level doomrider, it costs 0 movement to mount or dismount their chosen mount. Additionally, the doomrider has advantage on Dexterity saving throws to remain mounted.

Ride or Die Friend
While a 14th-level doomrider is astride their mount, the DC of the Constitution saving throws associated with the relentless rage ability is decreased by 5.


A barbarian primal path for D&D 5E


Mark of the Beast
At 3rd level, A feral mauler’s unarmed attacks deal 1d4+Str damage (1d6+Str while raging) and can use a bonus action to make an unarmed attack. While raging, a feral mauler loses the humanoid tag and gains the beast tag.

Animal Affinity
At 3rd level, a feral mauler gains advantage on Animal Handling skill checks. While raging, a feral mauler can speak with animals at will.

Killer Instinct
At 6th level, a feral mauler’s unarmed attacks deal 1d6+Str damage (1d8+Str while raging). A feral mauler can score a critical hit with unarmed attacks on an unmodified roll of 19 or 20.

Primal Rage
While raging, a 10-level feral mauler can drop to all fours to double their movement speed. Additionally, they are unaffected by naturally occurring difficult terrain and gain advantage on Perception checks related to hearing and smell.

Red in Tooth and Claw
When a feral mauler reaches 14th level, their unarmed attacks now deal 1d8+Str damage (1d10+Str while raging). Whenever a feral mauler hits a target with two or more unarmed attack they can knock the target prone or immediately initiate a grapple.

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A primal path for barbarians (5th Edition).

Like the Wind: At 3rd level, a stormbringer barbarian gains a 10-foot increase in speed, so long as they do not wear armor and are not encumbered. (They can still use a shield and retain this ability’s effect.)

Storm Surge: At 3rd level, a raging stormbringer can make a melee attack as a bonus action after using the Dash action.

Gale Force: At 6th level, a raging stormbringer deals double damage to structures and objects, and creatures have disadvantage on any Strength or Dexterity checks to resist being disarmed, tripped, or forcibly moved by the stormbringer.

Ride the Lightning: At 10th level, a stormbringer reduces the damage they suffer from lightning-based spells and effects by an amount equal to their barbarian level. If this lowers the damage to zero, the barbarian can immediately heal 1d12 hit points or remove one level of exhaustion.

Blood and Thunder: While raging, a 14th-level stormbringer deals lightning damage equal to their rage damage bonus to all creatures adjacent to them. The stormbringer can choose to end their rage to unleash a thunderwave as a standard action (as the spell, caster level equal to the number of rounds the barbarian has been raging).

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